Tonotopia: catalogue of exhibited works

Title Research aspects evidenced Hyperlink
Film ensemble (Six video interviews)This item evidences six interviews produced during the research process at the V&A museum. Complete edits are available on demand.  
Audio-video works (two videos) This item evidences artworks on display:
Sound Collage
– Audio-video essay  
Listening Shell – Tactile sound sculpture and its audio contentThis item evidences sound environments designed for the Listening Shell object. This sound sculpture is acoustically treated and features a bespoke sound system that both sounds and vibrates the audio via transducer speakers embedded in the structure of the object. The system enables listeners it to interact with the sound while also sensing it physically as tactile vibrations.    
Exhibition documentation: “The Future Starts Here” This item evidences the dissemination thought a major exhibition, ‘The Future Starts Here’  
Exhibition documentation: “Tonotopia: Listening Through Cochlear Implants This item evidences the dissemination thorugh the display ‘Tonotopia: Listening Through Cochlear Implants’ and the way the research informed the curatorial approach towards ensuring access to all forms of hearing and listening.
Series of five printed acoustic panels
A series of sound objects contributed by the projects participatns